I'm Totally Uninspired by Makeup in Winter, But These 8 Looks Are Just Too Good

I’m not sure about you, but when winter comes knocking I get lazy with my makeup routine. The minute temperatures hit single figures, any motivation I once had to sit in front of the mirror first thing and apply a full-face is totally diminished. If you’re asking me, it doesn’t matter how good the season’s trends are, I’d much prefer to spend an extra 10 minutes in bed rather than get up early on a dark winter’s morning to spend more time on my makeup.

I know this makes me lazy (and a bad beauty editor to boot), but it’s the truth. This year, however, I’m feeling a little differently. You see, the events of last winter meant that my seasonal loathing for doing my makeup was defunct. Having no reason to need to apply my oodles of makeup (because despite my lack of passion for it, I collect everything from affordable buys to limited-edition treasures) had me missing the stuff. So much so that this winter, I’ve found myself saving down makeup looks I wouldn’t mind getting out of bed for.

And while I know that I will never be the sort of person that spends half an hour every day perfecting their face, I am ready to dip my toe into some more exciting looks, providing they’re easy. So, if you’re feeling even a little bit like me, keep scrolling for the winter beauty looks I’m taking inspo from this season.

1. Matte Skin

Winter makeup looks: Matte Skin



Getting skin to look naturally glowing during the winter months is no mean feat. With cold climes, beating winds and central heating galore, skin has a not-so wonderful way of turning dry and lacklustre. In years gone by, I would spend substantial time trying to manipulate my makeup to compensate for the lack of glow my skin naturally possessed. This year, however, I am officially on board the matte-finish train. Smooth-as-butter complexions with a natural-looking flush? What’s not to love about this look.

2. 00’s Shimmer

Winter makeup looks: 00s shimmer



As someone who lived out her teenage years in the noughties, it’s safe to say I have been reluctant to buy into the resurgence of this beauty trend. However, this Hailey Bieber look executed by Mary Phillips had me searching for pink shimmery eyeshadows to add to my shopping basket stat. The holographic finish, the pastel hues, the gloss – it’s perfection.

Winter makeup looks: Razor-sharp liner



It’s no secret that my makeup skills are lacking, however, with all of the spare time I had on my hands last year, I did manage to perfect the art of winged liner. It still takes me a little bit of time to get right, but this look shows that a razor-sharp wing is all you need to create the ultimate winter look. Top tip: I find that a small-nibbed pen is the easiest tool for beginners like me.

4. Wind-Kissed Blush

Winter makeup looks: Wind-Kissed Blush



I might not be a makeup connoisseur, but blusher is definitely my forté. In fact, I find that on days when I can’t be bothered to spend more than five minutes on my face, a stripe of blusher across my cheeks and nose, teamed with a lashing of mascara is all it takes to make me look more alive. This winter, you’ll find me reaching for deep reds to create a wind-kissed, rosy-cheeked look.

5. Berry Lips

Everything about this look has me itching to reach into my makeup bag. After all, what says winter makeup better than a deep berry lip? I often find that wearing eye makeup and a lip makes me look like I’ve made too much effort for the daytime, so I’m taking notes on the way Valeria has paired totally bare lids and lashes with a matte-finish, berry stain.

Winter makeup looks: Sky-High Lashes



Throughout the summer months, you’ll typically find me sans mascara. With high humidity, wearing mascara in the summer always leaves me panda-eyed. This winter, however, I’m ready to hook my most lash-lengthening formulas out. Hell I might even purchase some false lashes, with Yara Shahidi’s super-glam look as a reference point.

7. Balmy Lips

Dry, cracked lips are not the one come winter, and sadly wearing pigmenting lipsticks every day can exacerbate the problem. To help keep lips in tip-top shape, I’m loving the idea of opting for nourishing, balmy formulas and incorporating them into a polished makeup look. In fact, I can’t stop staring at the beauty that is this combination of metallic liner, subtle blusher and plump, pink lips.

8. Jewel Tones

Winter makeup looks: Jewel Tones



Winter is smokey eye season and while I know it’s a fail-safe classic, this year I’m longing to try something different. If like me you never considered yourself to be a shimmery makeup kind of person, now is the time to reconsider. This subtle wash of red-hued shimmer across the lids demonstrates a quick and easy way to elevate your makeup. Teamed with a glossy nude lip, it’s total perfection.

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