5 Winter Trends I'm Wearing With Simple Black Leggings

Winter legging outfits


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There's something about the cold that makes you want to cuddle up in the most comfortable clothing you own… even when you're required to leave the house. Fashion's answer to this common feeling is black leggings. While this particular article of clothing is a staple among your athleisure wardrobe, leggings can be integrated into your day-to-day wardrobe with insane ease if you let them. All it takes is a few fresh trends and your favorite pair of black leggings, and you'll have yourself the winter outfit of a lifetime. 

Ahead, check out the five winter trends I'm planning on wearing with simple black leggings all season long. From puffer coats to hiking boots, statement sweaters and structured blazers, prepare yourself to be in awe of the creative black legging outfits just waiting for you to try. 


Puffer jackets are both on trend and necessary come winter. Luckily, the jacket style has evolved to be one of the most statement-making outerwear pieces ever, coming in loud colorways and unique materials. 

Statement Sweaters

When I want to spice up my simple black leggings, I always gravitate toward a statement sweater. Be it striped, neon, or animal print, throwing on one of these bold sweaters will create a sure-fire look every time.

Structured Blazers

Blazers and leggings probably aren't a combination you've recently considered, but hear me out. This past fashion week, nearly every fashion girl stepped out in bike shorts and a structured blazer. The combination read tailored but cool. This winter, swap your bike shorts for a blazer, and you'll have yourself a forward-thinking winter look. 

Lace-Up Boots

Make sure your feet are as warm as possible with a sturdy pair of lace-up boots. Whether you are looking for Dr. Martens or legit hiking boots, this shoe style is one that will look good with leggings every time. 

Vintage-Inspired Outerwear

Vintage-inspired outerwear was a huge trend spotted on everyone's favorite runways. From faux furs to leather trenches, these classic coats will add a touch of timelessness to any legging outfit of your choosing. 

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