The Haircut, Colour and Style Worth Trying This Winter

Winter is coming—sorry, I had to. But there's nothing like the changing of seasons to make you want to switch things up. From swapping out your wardrobe to heavier fabrics to exchanging beauty products for richer formulas, the shift to winter inspires a longing (or need) for something different. If you're anything like me, that feeling also applies to your hairstyle. Whether that's a new cut or a whole new colour, the itch to change up your look is natural. If the feeling strikes you, I say go for it.

To find out what's trending right now in the hair world, I spoke to two of L.A.'s top stylists to let us in on what their clients are requesting right now. From rich chestnut hues to short, blunt bobs, below are the haircut, the colour and the style worth trying this winter.


"This winter is all about warmer tones—from a rich copper/red to chestnut brunettes," reveals Brittany King of L.A.'s Mare salon. Logan Jackson of Salon Kazumi agrees, saying, "I'm seeing a ton of people going full ginger red, plus a lot of requests for soft, warm tones, which is typical during the colder months." So if you're looking to switch it up in the colour department, you'll be right on trend with a copper red or a warm chestnut brunette.


"Everyone seems ready for a chop—whether it's blunt bobs or just shorter layers around the face to frame it," says King. It's time to trim those dead ends that might be leftover from the dry summer months and start fresh with a shorter cut.


Shorter haircuts and face-framing layers yield more unfinished styling—think loose waves and messy, effortless vibes. King says this winter is all about styles that are undone. 

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