Celebrity Hairstylists Say These Winter Hair Trends Will Outshine All Others



Winter's chill is soon to be upon us, but things are heating up in the trending hair-looks department. Typically, you would expect winter hair trends to favour darker hues, but this season, we're finding that's not totally the case. 

To make sure we conducted a very thorough investigation for what will be favoured this winter, we polled celebrity stylists to hear their thoughts on what their A-list clientele will be sporting for the colder months. They even clued us in on what products work best to score the look. Whether you're in need of a chic new cut or colour inspo, take a peek below at what's trending for winter in the hair department.

1. Golden-Blonde Hues

Winter Hair Trends 2021: Golden Blonde Hues



Celebrity hairstylist and colorist Kiyah Wright (who styles celebs such as Jennifer Hudson) predicts that shades of golden blonde will be trending for the winter. "A lot of people like to stay blonde but want a richer, warmer shade," she shares. "So they're going for that buttery rich blonde or a golden beigey blonde." 

To help with upkeep for buttery-blonde shades, this purple hair mask works to condition and brighten blonde hair at the same time. It leaves lengths soft and nourished without a hint of brassiness.

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2. Fiery-Red Hues

Winter Hair Trends 2021: Fiery Red Hues


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Wright is also anticipating the reprise of fiery-red hair. "Fiery reds are making a nice comeback," she shares. I love reds too because there are so many different red tones you can go with. I think for the winter, we’ll see a lot of red coppers, red orangey tones and some violet-red tones, too." To maintain such a vibrant hue, Wright recommends keeping products around that are deeply hydrating and colour-safe.

Pureology is the gold standard for colour-treated hair. The brand's Hydrate shampoo-and-conditioner set is sulfate-free, creamy and smoothing for hair after a colour treatment.

3. Rich Chocolate-Brown Hues

Winter Hair Trends 2021: Chocolate Brown Hues



A duskier shade Wright predicts will ride the winter-hair-trends train in the coming months is rich chocolate brown. A little advice Wright has? "Any time you are colouring your hair, it’s important to keep it healthy and hydrated so it maintains its shine."

Packed with sea buckthorn and jojoba-seed oil, this mask is definitely soul food for your strands. It's also rich in antioxidants to promote extra shine.

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4. Sleek and Straight

Winter Hair Trends 2021: Sleek and Straight


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Renowned colourist to stars such as Idina Menzel, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Anne Hathaway, Jason Backe declares sleek and straight as the vibe for winter. "After eons of beach waves, smoothing hair away from the face and down the back is fire. Walk into any holiday event and everyone will stop to notice. It’s sexy, dramatic, confident, and elegant—a showstopper for sure!"

No sleek, straight look is complete without a good pomade. This one from Ouai is hydrating, long-lasting and perfect for everyday use. 

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5. Brassy-Blonde Hues

Winter Hair Trends 2021: Brassy Blonde



Backe is calling this the It girl of winter hair shades. Slightly more saturated than a golden blonde, it has more of a brassy tone to it with a hint of gold. "For Madelyn Cline, I kept a root and added a bit of gold for a stunning twist on the classic look," says Backe.

This product is a game changer for bleached hair. If you'll be lifting your natural hue significantly this season, this bond-restoring hair mask is 100% necessary.

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6. Vintage Bouncy Blowouts

Winter Hair Trends 2021: Vintage Blowouts



Celebrity stylist Matthew Collins (Demi Moore, Sophia Bush, Judy Greer) is loving a good vintage-style bouncy blowout for winter à la Farrah Fawcett. "[In the past], we've focused on straighter ends and more casual looks, but now, a big soft bend to the hair and even a pronounced flip-out or -in is having a huge moment," he says. "For almost two years, we have been not doing much to our hair. So now as we start to enter the world, most of us are wanting to glam it up a bit."

If you're in the mood to splurge and want to achieve this look in record time, Collins always advocates for the Dyson Supersonic—it's the ticket to easy, bouncy waves.   

7. '60s-Inspired Half-Up Hair

Winter Hair Trends 2021: '60s-Inspired Half-Up Hair


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Collins also foresees the '60s-style updo continuing its reign. "This is one trend that never really seems to disappear, which I am always happy about," he shares. "You can dress it up by having a more polished texture or use your natural texture for a more casual look but still using the same shapes and techniques to create the look. The movie Last Night in Soho really showcases these looks in all their glory, and many will be taking so much inspiration from this movie for their next event or night out!"

Volume is key for this look, according to Collins. "Before you comb back the top, sprinkle a little volume powder over the crown!" 

For instant volume and texture without any stiffness, snag Living Proof's Full Dry spray.

8. Zigzag Parts

Winter Hair Trends 2021: Zig Zag Parts


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Collins is also loving the resurgence of the zigzag part. "The callout to millennials has been huge lately on TikTok to bring this back. Almost every other '90s trend has made a huge comeback in the last year or so, but this one trend has been a little quiet. Those who rocked this originally are looking for the right moment to bring it back!" 

To successfully rock a zigzag part, you'll need a super-sleek finishing cream. Collins loves this one from Larry King.

This curl cream is a great way to define curls and coils without adding too much weight.

9. Bold Embellishments

Winter Hair Trends 2021: Embellishments


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Celebrity stylist, educator and founder of Vernon François Haircare Vernon François shares that bold embellishments will be massive this season. "Embracing all things special and sparkly this season is very on-trend. [Everything] from shiny clips on loose or taut hair to sparkly beads on braids and metallic twine wrapped around a ponytail, buns or the hairline. My personal tip is to look beyond traditional haircare stores for unexpected treasures. Don’t aim for perfection, because this can limit creativity, and there is often beauty and character in imperfections!" 

Basically, what I'm hearing is that we now have full permission to rock embellished hair accessories outside of a wedding.

Try a few embellished clips for a subtle, sophisticated look. 

10. Demi-Permanent Hair Colour

Winter Hair Trends 2021: Demi-Permanent Hair Color



François thinks playing with demi-permanent hair colour will be huge for the winter. Demi-permanent colours last about 12 to 24 washes as opposed to semi-permanent, which only lasts around eight. "Experimenting with colour in a way that complements your hair’s tone and texture is perfect for winter months. It can be lower maintenance than a dramatic change in need of regular touch-ups—meaning more time for cosying up inside!"

"Some of my favourite demi-permanent liquid hair colours are Redken Shades EQ Glosses, which I’ve been using for years," says François. "They give a multidimensional effect to the hairtoning while adding shine to coils, curls, wavy and straight hair." 

Once happy with your creation, spritz on this holding shine spray for delicate subtle glam. It adds textures, hold and illuminates at the same time.

11. Textured Protective Styles

Winter Hair Trends 2021: Textured Protective Styles



Celeb stylist Ro Morgan (Jasmine Sanders, Amandla Stenberg) is calling it—textured protective styles are the new winter hair trend. "With the harsh winter temperatures, protective styles will make their way back. We will see them in so many different forms—from cornrows and braids with ribbons woven into them to twist-outs that bring about beautiful curls, coils and waves. If your hair is usually drier during the winter months, you may also need a little help to maintain moisture levels in your hair."

Use this style milk to help add moisturise and strengthen curly and coily hair.

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