6 Hair Colour Ideas to Show Your Hairdresser

Winter is fast approaching, and with that thought, we’re busy thinking of all the pre-winter admin we’d like to get on top of. Things like ridding the attic of old Christmas decorations we’re never going to use, switching energy providers before peak central-heating season hits, having a big pre-season switch-up of our wardrobes and, of course, booking in for that all-important hair appointment for a winter colour refresh.

Because when it comes to this time of the year, it’s totally normal to want to switch up your hair. Whether your hair is long or shortthick or thinstraight or curly, we’ve got all of the winter hair colour inspiration you need. To find out which hair colours are set to be most popular for the season ahead, we reached out to the experts. Keep scrolling for the six winter hair colour ideas that we can’t get enough of.

1. Rich and Expensive

Whatever your hair colour of choice this season, make it a deep, rich tone. “The new colour of the season isn’t even a colour; it’s more how it looks. It’s all about anything expensive-looking, shiny, rich and warm,” says Katie Avery, Redken artist and owner of Avery, Brighton. And if you ask us, we think a rich, chocolatey brunette can’t be beaten.

Winter Hair Colours: Laura Harrier


Winter Hair Colours: @juliesfi


The Hero Product

This semi-permanent gloss treatment gives brunette strands a rich, chestnut tone that comes with some serious shine.

2. Classic Blonde

For the past few years, blonde styles have been all about subtle ribbons and balayage effects, but now classic blonde is back with a bang. Think block colour with a cool-toned sheen. “Anya Taylor-Joy’s style of colour is going to be a huge hit. The classic blonde is stunning,” says Avery.

Winter Hair Colours: Rita Ora


The Hero Product

Keep blonde looking super cool and fresh with this intense purple hair mask. This is without a doubt the hardest-working, purple-toned hair product out there.

3. Burnt Copper

Burnt-copper strands have been teasing us for a little while now, as they started cropping up on more and more celebs. This season, though, copper is about to hit the big time. “Burnt orange and golden copper are big colours for us in salon this season,” says Paul Percival, owner of Percy & Reed Salon and Redken artist. “Gigi’s burnt orange is definitely a lot of clients are asking for,” he adds.

Winter Hair Colours: Sza


Winter Hair Colours: Gigi Hadid


The Hero Product

Curly styles help give copper hair more movement and dimension. This curl cream is free from sulphates and silicones to keep definition and hydration lightweight.

4. Contrasting Tones

Out-of-office colour has been trending since early last year, and it’s not going anywhere this season. With working from home still on the agenda for many, we can afford to go a little bolder for a little longer. “It’s all about using contrasting tones in a new way—flip-reversing the norm. I love Kehlani’s look. She’s playing with colour contrast in a fun way,” says Percival.

Winter hair colours: Kehlani


Winter hair colours: @ada_oguntodu


The Hero Product

This restoring hair mask leaves hair feeling soft and silky. It helps to rebuild and strengthen strands damaged by intense colour processing and helps keep lengths healthy-looking and glossy.

5. Silver

Silver and grey hair isn’t going anywhere. For some time, we have watched the resurgence of grey tones as our beauty routines get admirably more low-maintenance. All stylists are saying that the rise of natural colours and textures isn’t going anywhere and looks as though it’s hopefully a trend that’s sticking around for good.

Winter hair colours: @cinnamonryan


Winter Hair Colours: @greceghanem


The Hero Product

This conditioner is specially formulated for grey-toned and silver hair. Unlike purple formulas, it has a deeper, bluer hue that cuts out yellow tones entirely, keeping grey looking cool and fresh.

6. Curated Blonde

While classic blonde is back with a bang, it’s worth knowing that lower-maintenance blonde isn’t going anywhere, either. Although, unlike traditional balayage, blonde styles this winter are set to be much more tailor-made. Stylists should be using a range of different techniques to create a blonde look that is totally bespoke to you. “My newest hair muse is Alexis Foreman,” says Avery. “Her curated blonde style is exactly what I’m all about,” she adds.

The Hero Product

This hair mask is a cult favourite for colour-treated, highlighted hair. It leaves highlights and ribbons of colour looking shinier and more vibrant so that they really pop through lengths.

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