How to Ace Your Winter Look in 6 Easy Steps

Winter fashion doesn't fill everyone with joy. Tights are many a girl's frenemies and layering can sometimes feel too complex to even bother with at 7 a.m. But there are pleasurable takeaways one can indulge in when the temperatures start to plummet and when being warm as well as put-together is a high priority.

As we head into the winter months it's imperative to be all Girl Scout about it and feel prepared—no one wants to go wild at that the last minute and make panic purchases on a sub-zero day. So here are the winter fashion things we enjoy, relish, love to shop and get going with. Call us eager, but there's something about this time of year that makes us want to jump headfirst into knitwear and cocoon our way to sartorial success. So, if you're a cold-weather fanatic (in which case, you should totally check out how Russia's fashion girls keep their cool) or you absolutely loathe this season and find yourself suffering from fashion sadness, we've got you (literally) covered. 

Keep reading to see and shop the winter fashion essentials every girl needs when the freeze forces its way in…