8 Cool Ways to Wear a Dress This Winter

The appeal of dresses is how easy they are to wear and the fact that they require little to no styling. This is certainly true in summer. However, in winter, it gets a little trickier, as you have the cold to contend with and layers become vital. I personally find myself wearing jeans and trousers with a jumper far more appealing than my usual uniform, a dress. But there are some styling tricks that you can do to make your dresses more winter appropriate, and below, I’ve listed eight in particular that I’ve saved recently.

If you opt for a simple slip dress or black dress, you can use it as a clever layering piece and wear it over roll-necks or long-sleeved tops. A dress, blazer and boots will be a trio that won’t need any introduction to you, but it’s a classic winter outfit that will always look elegant. The key to making a dress work hard in winter is the right pair of boots, and below, there are several styles that look amazing, including chunky hiker boots, cream knee-high boots and white ankle boots. If you are in need of some styling inspiration, keep scrolling for eight cool ways to wear a dress this winter.

1. Red Blazer + Cream Knit Dress

2. Black Slip Dress + Cream Roll-Neck

3. Feather-Trimmed Dress + Spotty Tights

4. Blazer + Slip Dress

5. Knitted Vest + Oversized Black Dress

6. Floral Dress + White Boots

7. Navy Coat + Floral Dress

8. Black Mini + Striped Jumper

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