I Love a Good Blazer—Here Are 7 Ways to Wear the Basic This Winter

History will show that, yes, I love a good blazer. I wear blazers at least five times a week, and I dedicate much of my time as I can justify trying to find the best ones out there to share with you. Keen blazer enthusiasts amongst you will know that we’ve already discussed how integral blazers (especially this kind) are in your year-round wardrobes. But now, I’d like to turn our attention to the task at hand: formulating strong blazer outfits for winter

Blazers are for life. Sure, they might typically be considered spring and autumn staples, but I think they should feature heavily in your winter outfits, too. As it turns out, I’m not the only one—the style set are just as enamoured with wearing their blazers in winter.

Doubling up as a versatile layering piece, blazers look the elegant part worn underneath oversized, undone coats. Still, that doesn’t mean they can’t take centre stage. Look for blazers in weightier fabrics, such as leather or wool, if you want to wear them as your main cover-up, and they should keep you toasty well into the season. A blazer goes with or even improves pretty much anything you pair it with, from miniskirts to jeans, tailored trousers to midi dresses. And I’ve got proof! Scroll on to see seven winter blazer outfits to re-create this year (and every year after, for that matter).


Style Notes: Waistcoats have been high on 2021’s style agenda, and they’re showing no signs of going away as we prepare to see out the year. Wear yours with a blazer over the top (and a thermal vest underneath) for a cool take on traditional tailoring. 

Shop the look:

This best-selling blazer comes in two other sleek colourways. 

A great entry point into the tailored-vest trend. 

These versatile trousers can be dressed up our down with a simple change of shoes. 

My obsession with chunky loafers continues with this pair. Isn’t the contrast stitching a nice touch? 


Winter Blazer Outfits: @therealina wears a cream blazer with joggers and trainers



Style Notes: If you’re finding the siren call of your joggers too tempting to ignore, give them a sleek overhaul with the addition of a blazer. Finish with a baseball cap for not-so-subtle Princess Diana vibes and a pair of chunky trainers. 

Shop the look:

Is there anything more sophisticated than a white blazer? 

Baseball caps will bestow any outfit you wear an instant dose of cool. 

Switch up your usual grey joggers with a fresh white pair. 

A minimalist take on chunky trainers. 


Style Notes: My solution for making anything feel more winter-ready? Wear it with a knitted dress. This applies to blazers, too—even the most lightweight of blazers will feel up to the cold-weather challenge, so long as they’ve got a toasty base underneath. 

Shop the look:

You’ll get just as much wear out of a tan blazer as you would a black or grey version. 

Because fun eyewear shouldn’t be reserved for summer. 

This cute knitted dress comes with the matching shrug. 

By Far’s Amber bag remains high on my arm-candy wish list. 


Winter Blazer Outfits: @cocobeautea wears a navy blazer with a blue roll neck jumper



Style Notes: Okay, so it’s not exactly a new outfit pairing, but wearing your blazer with jeans not only looks great, but the denim material on your bottom half is guaranteed to make your ensemble feel more wintry. Throw in a roll-neck jumper for good measure and voilà: a solid winter blazer outfit is born. 

I already own this jumper in three other colours—it’s a good one. 

Chain straps are one of the biggest bag details to note for 2021 (and 2022 for that matter). 

You can’t go wrong with a pair of straight-leg jeans. 


Style Notes: If you’re anything like me, and you feel even the slightest chill in the air, don’t take any chances. Wear your blazer underneath your favourite coat and with a roll-neck—you’ll be hard-pressed to find a cosier look (at least, one that doesn’t involve feather down). 

Shop the look:

Robes are my favourite coat style, but I’m yet to add a checked one to my collection. 

A great piece on its own or worn with the matching trousers.

Cashmere for under £100? It could only be M&S. 

Give your vintage-wash jeans a break with this deep-indigo pair. 


Style Notes: Another easy winter style mantra to follow this year? Just add chunky flat boots. It’s the rule fashion types swear by for making their outfits look cooler and for keeping their feet cosy as we head deeper into the season. 

Shop the look:

I’ve seen so many influencers wearing this blazer. 

A wardrobe staple you’ll wear each and every season. 

This also comes with a matching blazer, should this information be of interest. 


Style Notes: One of my favourite hacks for keeping cosy whilst looking stylish is to belt my outerwear—and it works just as well on blazers. Typically, blazers have loose fastenings and deep-V necklines, but belting yours in place, overlapping the jacket fronts, will keep you tenfold warmer and make your blazers look the wintry part.

Shop the look:

A woollen blazer will keep you extra warm. 

An accessory you’ll always be glad to have. 

There are plenty of faux-leather options out there to choose from, too. 

Pair leather trousers or skirts with textured boots to create a distinction between the two pieces. 

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