These 6 Winter Accessory Trends Are Thriving Right Now

When you're bundled up in a zillion layers in the winter, all the pressure is put on your accessories to make your outfit really shine. They bring out the "extra" side in everyone—after all, what's the best way to jazz up an outfit than with some fun accoutrements? And this season especially, the hats, jewellery, and bags on offer are about as extra as they come. Throw on a fuzzy bucket hat for your daily social-distancing walk or some pretty pearl earrings to your simplest sweater-and-jeans look. But even if you're into something more subdued, a simple sweater-over-shoulders styling trick offers the perfect update.

Whatever vibe you're on these days, add in one (or multiple) of the below hats, bags, earrings, tights, and hair accessories to your cold-weather outfit rotation and witness the magic of compliments, inquiries, and double-taps rolling in. Without further ado, scroll on to discover six epic winter accessory trends that you'll regret not trying along with the coordinating style this new round is taking the place of.

Thriving: Fuzzy Bucket Hats

While beanies themselves are a perennial wintertime topper, I think it's safe to say that those bright neon-hued beanies are out the door this year. Taking their place are bold, furry bucket hats that are so much fun to wear and promise to take your outfit to level 10.

Thriving: Logo Tights

Logo tights, while not necessarily a new trend, are bubbling up again this year with Chanel's highly-anticipated CC stockings that have been making a splash all over Instagram and giving us renewed excitement about logo tights of all kinds.

Thriving: Unconventional Pearls

Remember when massive crystal earrings were all anyone could talk about? Maybe it's the fact that we don't have those fancier holiday parties to get dressed up for this year or maybe it's that more opulent jewellery feels a tad irrelevant this year, but either way we're seeing the fashion crowd take a liking to pretty pearl pieces which are admittedly more wearable (but no less pretty).

Thriving: Super Scrunchies

With oversized shapes and luxurious fabrics like organza, silk, and velvet, the humble scrunchie is getting a fancy upgrade for the holidays this year and we couldn't be more excited for this one.

Thriving: Sweater Styling

winter accessory trends: sweaters tied over the shoulder



It wouldn't be a winter roundup without at least one practical fashion item, right? Take a chunky knit and tie it over one or both shoulders (yes, even on top of your coat) for a fresher but no less functional scarf alternative.

Thriving: Cloud-Like Carryalls

winter accessory trends: pillow-like bags



Itty-bitty bags that only carry one or two items? In this new era, practicality is taking over, and with it a new handbag style that's as useful as it is cool. These puffy, cloud-like carryalls are a fun alternative to your classic leather bag and add a little something extra to any winter 'fit.

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This piece originally appeared on Who What Wear U.S.