Inside the Job of a Store Window Designer

Store windows are one of those things that you see everywhere but hear very little about. Whether it’s a simpler setup at the front of your favourite mall chain or an elaborate art piece spotted at a fancy department store, we don’t know much about how everything got there in the first place—how much thought and time, for instance, goes into these creations?

Well, it turns out there’s a career centered entirely on making these windows come to life. Commonly called visual merchandising, the job entails the creative and physical development of all three-dimensional store spaces, from the one-off mannequins you see throughout the space to the aforementioned windows.

Curious about what really goes into a job like this (it sounds fun, but complicated!) we decided to speak to an absolute expert in the field, Matthew Mazzucca, the vice president of windows and exteriors at Barneys. Having worked on some of the most famous windows in the business, Mazzucca knows a thing or two about the art of the perfect window display.

Scroll down to find out what goes into creating Barneys' elaborate windows!