Why I Think Music Festival Style Needs a Serious Makeover

If Woodstock was conceived as “Three Days of Peace and Music” then today’s popular music festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo are more along the lines of “Three Days (Sometimes More) of Trying to Look Like the Hippest Girl/Guy on the Scene, with a Side of Music.” And that’s not including the month of preparation beforehand, during which people feel the need to endure special diets and overhaul their entire wardrobes purely for the sake of some great live music. But, at the end of the day, does all this lavish planning pay off? Well, not if the goal is for everyone to look like they’re sharing the same wardrobe.

Festival dressing today has become so predictable that it’s almost shocking there haven’t been greater efforts to transform it. For a few days every spring or summer, we all whip up our best flower children looks and waltz around in a mishmash of lace, crochet, floral print, feathers and fringe. There’s nothing wrong with these materials in their own right, but together they’ve begun to look tired. We’ve simply seen this modern (and fairly inaccurate) take on the Woodstock hippie too many times for it to feel fresh or exciting—and isn’t that what we fashion-folk like to strive for?

Well, there’s nothing noteworthy about a million looks that blend together, forming one gigantic flower-crown-laced cliché. Instead, it’s outfits with the volume turned down a bit that would truly be worth a second glance—outfits that are derived from our style as it is year round, rather than some collective attempt to fit in via crop tops. We can’t avoid certain realities, like shorter hemlines and lighter fabrics due to heat, but we can still be more creative. Try a simple belted playsuit with rose gold jewellery, a pair of denim culottes with a printed tank, or perhaps a sheer maxi dress atop shorts and classic sneakers. Dare yourself to wear what’s less expected at these events, and you may just end up turning those heads after all.

What would YOU like to see more of at music festivals this year? Let us know in the comments!