Runway to Real Way: Givenchy

Just like in our Inspired By stories, we deeply enjoy translating high fashion outfits into inexpensive, interesting ensembles for our Runway to Real Way installments of Who What Wear TV. It's truly a delight to show our personal interpretations of the season's key looks and break down the important trends. Of all the dynamic and intriguing collections on display this fall, we were particularly besotted with the styles seen at Givenchy and brainstormed two like-minded looks for you to try out. In today's episode, we grabbed some heavy chains (of course!), found a fantastic pair of faux leather leggings, and even incorporated some beauty elements from the runway show. You'll be amazed by how simple it is to pull off an affordable take on the sharply silhouetted, darkly romantic outfits. Also, we've made it easier than ever to purchase products seen on the show-just visit the WWW TV page, click on any look, and start shopping-so be sure to check it out today!