Honesty Hour: Our Most Secret Fashion Confessions

Want to hear a secret? We’ve got eleven of them, straight from the mouths of Who What Wear editors. From dressing room disasters to a downright mortifying lingerie debut, click through for our deepest, darkest style-related matters that we just had to get off our chest.

"In my very first pitch meeting at Who What Wear, I pronounced Givenchy as Give-en-chee. I knew in my head I was pronouncing it wrong, but didn’t realise just how badly I butchered it until I did a quick google search at home, found the real pronunciation, and then quickly proceeded to bury my head in a pillow." -Who What Wear Editor

"I got this new bra to impress a guy I had been seeing. It was fairly complicated, with a lot of straps and had to be removed over the head. When the time came for its debut, I proudly smiled, thinking I looked jaw-droppingly gorgeous. He stared at me in utter confusion and frankly said, 'I just have no idea what to do with that.' It was the last time I saw him." -Who What Wear Editor

"I spent more money on clothing and accessories last year than I spent on rent. And rent in Los Angeles is NOT cheap!" -Who What Wear Editor

"The day I had my interview for Who What Wear it was like 95 degrees outside. I showed up early (as one does for an interview), and proceeded to overheat while waiting in my car. When I was shown inside I was seated atop a leather couch. The heat combined with the leather on top of the anxiety that comes with an interview all resulted in a sweat mark on their beautiful couch. To this day I don’t know if they noticed after I left, but I got the job, so I guess a little sweat never hurt nobody." -Who What Wear Editor

"I have multiple 'dresses' in my closet that are actually just slightly-longer-than-normal tops—but I wear them with flat shoes, so it’s ok, right?" -Who What Wear Editor

"The shoes I get the most compliments on at Who What Wear (or anywhere else) are actually a pair of $20 Old Navy shoes." -Who What Wear Editor

"I can’t wear light coloured silk shirts, because I get horrible pit stains!" -Who What Wear Editor

"Instead of a strapless or backless bra, I wear these boob lift stickers whenever I can't wear a normal bra. They keep your size the same, but give you a nice lift and some security that you'll stay in place." -Who What Wear Editor

"In high school, I found out that I was known in some circles as the girl who always wears pink. In retrospect, I guess did wear that pink polo shirt a little too frequently." -Who What Wear Editor

"I know I should care about VPL, but honestly, comfort is more important to me!" -Who What Wear Editor

"One time I got stuck in a dress in the Zara fitting room. I panicked quietly, and after a failed attempt at getting myself out of it, had to ask the attendant to come help me." -Who What Wear Editor

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