The Simple Outfit Fashion Girls Wear on Repeat in Winter

In the world of fashion, colour trends come and go; one minute, the runway will be lauding one specific hue but, the next, influencers will seem to synchronise the wearing of another shade. This is because colour trends are one of the easiest to tag on to as, unless it's a completely niche tone, you'll likely find something in your wardrobe to match. However, what if we were to tell you that the latest colour fix fashion girls are wearing is something we guarantee you already own?

White has always held a special place in our hearts. Whether it's in the form of a luxe chunky knit or a pair of sleek trousers, somehow, wearing this shade in any guise makes us feel significantly chicer—so imagine the polishing effects of wearing it top-to-toe.

Those in the know have been wearing white winter outfits since the temperatures began to plummet and, we think you'll agree, they've looked incredibly stylish in the process. Keep scrolling to see our favourite examples of white winter outfits, then proceed to shop the pieces to need to re-create them. 

White Winter Outfits: @basicstouch wears a casual white outfit



Style Notes: There's a misconception that white outfits automatically mean formal, but this just isn't the case. Make like Aïda and look for relaxed tailored trousers, then pair them with your favourite sneaks and a slouchy coat. Oh, and Bottega Veneta's Pouch clutch wouldn't hurt. 

Style Notes: Knitted vests might be trending this season, but we've always thought of them as being extremely versatile; particularly when they help to give our summer mini dresses a wintery spin. 

White Winter Outfits: @_jessicaskye wears a white shirt with high waist trousers



Style Notes: Jessica knows that you can never go wrong with white shirting. Add a pair of high-waisted trousers and the look becomes even more elevated. 

White Winter Outfits: @aimeesong wears a white roll neck with a pleated skirt



Style Notes: Winter doesn't mean that you have to relegate your skirts to the back of your wardrobe until spring rolls around. Take cues from Aimee and wear your white midis with a simple ivory roll neck. 

White Winter Outfits: @deborabrosa wears all white bar her (old) Celine boots



Style Notes: Just when we thought it was impossible to make a white outfit look any cooler, along comes Debora, who grounds her creamy ensemble with a pair of (old) Celine boots, a black handbag, and coordinating cat-eye sunglasses. Perfection. 

White Winter Outfits: @jadasezer wears a white roll neck sleeves top with belted trousers and hoops



Style Notes: Low buns have become one of go-to hairstyles during lockdown, though we think they look all the more chicer when worn with a sleeveless roll neck and gold-hoop earrings. Thanks for the endless inspo, Jada. 

White Winter Outfits: @emmanuellek_ wears white flared trousers and a slouchy knit



Style Notes: One of the greatest things about this look is that you can keep things simple – think a white jumper and flared jeans – but still make an incredible sartorial impact. Emmanuelle, we bow down. 

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