6 Outfit Ideas That Will Make a White T-Shirt Seem Anything But Boring

I am nothing if not a creature of habit. When we were still in the office, I'd get the same Pret sandwich almost every day, alongside the same coffee order I've maintained since my late teens. To date, I've owned a total of five pairs of Stan Smith sneakers, as each time I wear one out, instead of opting for a new shoe style, I just buy the same design over again.

Though the number one trait that epitomises my habitual nature is almost certainly my affinity for plain white T-shirts. To hazard a guess, I'd say a white tee is incorporated into my outfit at least three to four times a week, whether paired with a printed skirt, denim shorts or under a slip dress. 

Historically, the item may have been considered boring, though I think it is incredibly underrated, particularly given how versatile the staple is. To prove this exact point, I've trawled through the feeds of a few of my favourite influencers to discover some white T-shirt outfits that are anything but boring. Once this article is through, I hope you too will be a devotee of the plain white tee (and no, I'm not talking about the band that sings "Hey There Delilah"). Keep scrolling for six outfits that prove just how versatile a plain white T-shirt can be. 

White T-Shirt Outfits: T-Shirt + Blazer



Style Notes: As the cool-girl alternative to a button-down shirt, pairing a plain white tee with a blazer and tailored trousers is a contemporary take on suiting.

Style Notes: A summery combination if I've ever seen one. Pairing a white tee with a gingham skirt creates a timeless summer ensemble. 

how to wear a white t-shirt: White T-Shirt + Puff Sleeve Top



Style Notes: White tees can also be a great layering device, which will work perfectly if you're looking layer underneath a sheer top or blouse. 

Style Notes: Pairing white tee with a white skirt is a great outfit formula if you're looking for a fresh, summer combination. Here, Amaka adds interest to the look with statement accessories, like a Dior shoulder bag. 

How to wear a white tee: White Tee + Skirt Suit



Style Notes: Another modern take on suiting, this time Emmanuelle shows us that a white tee works when paired with a miniskirt too. Plus, opting for sneakers instead of heels helps to give this look a more contemporary feel. 

How to wear a white tee: White Tee + Skirt Suit



Style Notes: One of the most classic outfit combinations. Wearing a white tee alongside your favourite printed skirt is a fool-proof combination that is perfect for picnic, pub or while working from home. 

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