This £6 Trick Makes All Your Outfits Look More "Styled"

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It's impossible to make any sense of your outfit when the weather makes no sense. Clever layering is the only way to wear the spring clothes that you have waiting in the wings for when the sun reemerges. When it comes to layering, we've noticed that the Instagram set keeps wearing a simple white crew neck T-shirt under anything to give it a more "styled" look. Whether it's a strapless corset-style top or a floral midi dress, this £6 styling trick adds an extra layer of interest to any look. Keep scrolling to see the proof that you can wear a white T-shirt under just about anything.

Style Notes: Maja layers a white tee under a white strapless bodice top in white, sticking to the all-white theme with a pair of ivory pearls.

T Shirt styling:


Lisa Aiken

Style Notes: Lisa Aiken wears a white tee under a floral lace dress, showing this is a clever way to dress down dresses you might have saved for wedding season.

Style Notes: Lucy Williams shows a crew neck tee looks amazing layered under a silky slip dress.

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