Oh! This Latest Denim Trend Took Us By Surprise

Was there ever a thing that was more impractical than the white jeans trend? Short answer: You'll be hard-pressed to find one. Despite that, the denim colour has become exceptionally popular right now among leading fashion bloggers and stylish celebrities, including Alexa Chung.

Full disclosure: With the heat wave still fresh in our minds, we're into it. Yes, it's a little ridiculous (they will get dirty immediately, this is speaking from personal experience), but when worn right, they look incredibly chic. There's just something about wearing a pair of white jeans and a Breton top that screams Parisienne on holiday, non?

But you don't have to do the stripes thing with these jeans either; there are plenty of other ways to wear them. It's a surprisingly versatile piece of clothing. It makes sense then that the item is also trending on Topshop right now.

However, don't just take our word for it: Keep scrolling to see how influencers and A-listers are wearing this trend right now, and shop our favourite pairs of white jeans.

The Bloggers

The Celebrities

White jeans trend: Bella Hadid



Style Notes: Bella Hadid is a fan of the all-white ensemble (and the all-black outfit too) so it's no surprise she's been seen wearing this trend.

White jeans trend: Alexa Chung



Style Notes: Last but not least, the Chungster wore white jeans to Glastobury last weekend. Proof that we can buy them and not feel guilty about getting them dirty.

Shop white jeans below

For those who've gone off the skinny-jean look. 

Wear with a crop top for that full '70s ensemble.

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