6 Spring Trends That Look Insanely Chic With White Jeans

I am an advocate of wearing white jeans no matter the season—despite my affinity for coffee, chocolate, red wine and curry. (I’ll also just throw in right here that I have a newborn, which weirdly still hasn’t deterred me from reaching for my whites.) But when spring rolls around, my white-denim craving gets more intense—and I’m mustering up every which way to style them—from work to weekend and beyond.

Luckily, some of this season’s biggest trends look insanely chic with white jeans, and today I’m sharing which ones are worth giving a go for the warm season ahead. From statement tie-dye to ubiquitous snake print and spring’s of-the-moment hues, scroll below to see how you can easily wear the world’s most high-maintenance colour with this season's must-have trends. Now, careful with that sangria!

Pistachio Hues

Sure, neon green is having a major moment this season, but for a look that's less jarring and incredibly pretty, style a pair of cropped white jeans with a pistachio, sage green, or millennial mint hue. It's a favourite among cool girls right now and continues to be one of the biggest colours to wear into fall. 

Barely There Strappy Sandals

Nothing looks more delicate and flattering than white jeans paired with this season's barely there strappy sandals. Wear with slightly cropped jeans to show off the pretty straps. And don't forget your pedicure.

Snake Print

There's something that looks so fresh and modern about faux-snakeskin shoes paired with crisp whites. The chic combination wins every time.

White Tank Top

White tank tops are trending hard right now, and you can't beat the clean and streamlined look of a white-on-white outfit. Play with your tank top silhouettes (a high neck is refreshingly modern) and black or neutral accessories (particularly belts) help to add dimension.


This season's trending tie-dye is easier to pull off than you think when worn with understated white jeans. They'll let the bold and bright pattern do all the talking.