From Celebs to Bloggers, Everyone Loves These £60 Heat Wave–Proof Sandals

They ain't no oil painting, but as the heat wave continues to scorch the capital, the fashion industry's favourite pair of orthopaedic-style sandals has well and truly taken off. The white Birkenstock fashion trend may come as a surprise to some, but we reckon that as the temperature gauge simmers around the 30-degree mark that the general public and celebs alike are kicking off their heels and looking for shoes that are kinder to their heat-swollen feet. Believe it or not, they're also not completely devoid of style (yes, really), and we think Birkenstocks offer our summer wardrobes a certain brand of Germanic minimalism, which can look quite cool with a floaty skirt or dress (in a similar way to wearing a dress with trainers). Best of all? These heat wave–ready sandals come in at a purse-friendly £60 and £20, depending on which version you purchase. You're welcome. Scroll down to shop the look.