You'll Be Shocked at Which States Wear the Highest Heels

The high heel: one of those classic shoe types that somehow also manages to be incredibly modern. A symbol of power. Largely uncomfortable, but totally worth the painful sacrifice. And, apparently, the most popular shoe choice in Arkansas, Nevada, and Florida. What?!

Yes, according to new data compiled by Gilt, those three states are the three states with the highest heels in the Union—that is, unless you count Puerto Rico as a state, in which case that nation takes the crown at an average heel height of 2.87 inches. 

What's perhaps even more interesting is that there is not a single state for whom average heel height exceeds three inches. This comes as quite a surprise to us fashion-minded folks, who largely think that anything below four inches is a relatively "low" heel. The states with the lowest heels? Kansas, Nebraska, Vermont, and Maine. 

Check out the full graphic above, then tell us: Which heel heights do YOU prefer? Sound off in the comments below!

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