The New Lingerie Trends Every Woman Should Know About

For some women, lingerie is used only for special occasions, is tucked away in the back of a drawer somewhere and is definitely not invested in on a regular basis. Bring this up with Journelle's CEO, Lyn Lewis, and prepare for a lecture on how this mentality is oh so wrong. In her expert opinion, lingerie should be treated like any other fashion item, especially considering you do wear lingerie every day. (Yes, even the pretty sheer lace kind.)

Just as it is with ready-to-wear fashion, there are trends that come and go within the lingerie market, and Lyn was so generous as to share her breadth of knowledge in the world of all things delicate and pretty with us here. Whether you're still too timid to wear this kind of lingerie on a regular basis or are on the hunt for the next best piece to fill your negligee collection, we suggest you pay attention to the hottest new trends in lingerie, according to Lyn. Ready to be wowed by the next best thing you'll wear underneath it all?

Go on to shop the biggest trends in lingerie right now according to Journelle's CEO, Lyn Lewis.

Peekaboo Bottoms

The ouvert peekaboo bottoms are really popular. Journelle customers love the element of playful surprise.

Tattoo Print

Women nowadays want lingerie basics that don't look boring. We've noticed a trend in "tattoo-effect" lingerie that leaves just enough to the imagination. The trend works on all skin tones, too.


Bodysuits have become a staple in women's lingerie wardrobes, and for good reason. With one piece, you can achieve many different looks. While this category has been growing steadily for the last few years, we are starting to see some especially luxe pieces in the market. We even have some hand-beaded pieces. 


We always encourage women to explore and try new products and categories, like Boudoir. A harness can be for the bedroom or can double up as an accessory under a tank or low top.


Velvet is in this season. We've noticed a lot of velvet detailing in rompers, teddies and bra outlines. The fabric makes you want to touch, which is totally in line with lingerie.