So Many People Have Asked Me About Stylish Face Masks—Here's Where I'd Buy Them

If there's one item of clothing that sums up 2020, it has to be, without a doubt, the face mask. As we're now in lockdown 2.0, keeping our faces covered is more important than ever to help protect others around us. According to, a face covering is all that's required, provided that it is secure on the face and covers the mouth and nose, which means a scarf can work as well as an actual mask. There is a list of places where it's also mandatory to wear one, including public transport, taxis, shops, post offices, and public places in general. However, it's worth noting that the rules are different in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. (You can find out more information here.)

where to buy face masks: tamu mcpherson wearing a mask during milan fashion week


The Style Stalker

Initially, back in March, face masks were much more basic. Plenty of us just reached for the disposable versions, only believing this to be a temporary situation. However, as we're approaching eight months since the pandemic was officially declared, the reusable ones are definitely the more sustainable, and stylish, options. Although initially a little slow, thankfully, there are a lot of different designers and brands that have jumped on producing face masks for those of us who want to make them as much of a fashion statement as the rest of our outfits. 

where to buy face masks: caro daur wearing a face mask during milan fashion week


The Style Stalker

There's Rixo, Off-White, and Christopher Kane (oh my!), as well as plenty of other designers, who have created luxe versions. On the high street, there's ASOS and Uniqlo, as well as other less expensive stores, creating face masks. If you're not sure where to start to find your next face mask, I thought I'd give a rundown of some of my favourite places to buy them. There are brilliant online luxury retailers but also independent creators to shop from such as Etsy and Wolf & Badger. Keep scrolling for our favourite places to buy face masks. 








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