Let’s Discuss: The Etiquette of Asking ‘Where Did You Get That?'

If you're a fashion-minded gal (which clearly you are!), you've no doubt wondered to yourself: Is it ok for me to ask that girl where she got her bag? It can be a tricky situation, because you don't want to put anyone on the spot, right? But sometimes, you just need to know—because you want one for yourself.

It can also be awkward, because if the bag is ultra-expensive, the woman might be shy about sharing that information. And similarly, if she got the bag on the cheap, she might want to keep her bargain-hunting secrets to herself. It can just be a tough position to find yourself in, on either side. 

Well, we Who What Wear editors discussed the issue amongst ourselves, and came up with a variety of answers. Keep scrolling to see our discussion about whether or not it's ok to ask someone where she got that!