We Discuss: What’s With The 2-Purse Trend?

From Fendi to Chloé to Mulberry, the two-purse trend is blowing up over all major resort collections this season. But the question is why? Is it to fit your iPhone? Do we need an extra bag to carry our “go-tos”? There seems to be something bizarre about this new take on chic.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I can always get behind a new trend. Maybe it’s pragmatic to have a second bag so that you don’t have to jam your whole life into only one. Plus, it could even make your life easier—whether that entails transitioning from work to evening affairs or just having that smaller option on hand for a more formal gathering.

Although the idea of two bags is intriguing, it seems as if this micro bag can barely fit an iPhone, so how can it possibly be a repository for whatever you can’t fit in your everyday carryall?

While this dual-bagging trend may add a chic layering affect to any outfit, what is the point if it can’t accommodate more needed space? So, while the idea of two bags may appeal to all of us fashion lovers, if what you’re really looking for is space to carry around more things, this trend is definitely not for you. However, I urge you to take a look for yourself. So keep scrolling to see this trend in action, and feel free to check out some of our favourite bag picks!


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