What Your Interview Outfit REALLY Says About You

Whether you like it or not, what you wear speaks a great deal during the hiring process. First impressions happen fast, so it’s important to look as polished as possible, especially for an interview. Sure, this may sound obvious, but What to Wear to Your Job Interview author and Ally Resource Group recruiter Tonya Wells agrees. “If the [candidate] looks well put together, a lot of the times that translates into how much attention to detail that person pays in their everyday life,” she recently told U.S. News.

Etiquette expert and The Protocol School of Texas owner Diane Gottsman adds, “We feel better when we look good and have an additional shot of confidence when we know we’re on our game.” Since your image and how you present yourself are major components to acing an interview, today we’re breaking down what your outfit says about you.

Scroll down to find out if you’re making the wrong or right impression!