What Would the 'Sex and the City' Crew Wear TODAY?

When you think about the history of high fashion on TV, Sex and the City is probably the first show that comes to mind. As Cynthia Nixon, who played Miranda, once told People magazine, “The clothes are like another character in the show. They help make it real.” And it’s true—the sartorial sights that costume designer Patricia Field whipped up for viewers every episode were a huge reason for tuning in, even when plotlines occasionally faltered or seemed inauthentic. Simply put, you could ALWAYS count on there being great fashion.

And it wasn’t great because it was always accessible—no, these women held keys to the wardrobes of our dreams, closets filled with an endless stream of the new and fantastic. But amidst all that beauty, they could look downright crazy, too. And, yet, we admired them anyways. After all, they represented the best parts of fashion. Their respective clothing journeys reminded viewers that fashion could allow us to be someone else for the day, trying on different moods and characteristics simply by swapping in a new hat.

A recent bout of nostalgia for the SATC ladies and their one-of-a-kind style had us wondering what each of them might wear today, if the show were still around. Scroll down to see our current picks for Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha.