Yes, I'm Judging Your Tote Bag



I've recently come to an important conclusion: I'm a tote hoarder. Look into my closet, under my desk and even under the kitchen sink, and you'll find them. Living in New York, I find this simple bag to be indispensable. It's what I carry running errands on the weekend. It holds my gym clothes when I'm running from a Spin class to the office. But when I finally came to acknowledge my own obsession, I started to look around me and think about the totes women wear. Suddenly I realised that while they're so common, a simple canvas tote can say a lot about us. 

From a handy Whole Foods grocery bag to a carryall from your favourite fashion line, the bags we choose give a bit of insight into who we are as individuals in this big wide world. Below, I decided to break it down; here's what your tote of choice says about you (it's all good things, I promise). This accessory may fly under the radar, but the reality is, it just might be the most important bag you own.

Check it out below, and then shop a few of our favourite totes right now.