Yes, I'm Judging Your Tote Bag



I've recently come to an important conclusion: I'm a tote hoarder. Look into my closet, under my desk and even under the kitchen sink, and you'll find them. Living in New York, I find this simple bag to be indispensable. It's what I carry running errands on the weekend. It holds my gym clothes when I'm running from a Spin class to the office. But when I finally came to acknowledge my own obsession, I started to look around me and think about the totes women wear. Suddenly I realised that while they're so common, a simple canvas tote can say a lot about us. 

From a handy Whole Foods grocery bag to a carryall from your favourite fashion line, the bags we choose give a bit of insight into who we are as individuals in this big wide world. Below, I decided to break it down; here's what your tote of choice says about you (it's all good things, I promise). This accessory may fly under the radar, but the reality is, it just might be the most important bag you own.

Check it out below, and then shop a few of our favourite totes right now.



The Tote: The Brand Swag Bag

What It Means: One added perk of shopping many of your favourite brands is that your purchase comes with a little something extra—a tote bag. Repping the brand you love proves you're on your fashion A-game.



The Tote: The Tried-and-True Staple

What It Means: While trends come and go, a smart and sporty tote is that true friend that never does wrong by you. If you've opted for the same tote since your teens, you're self-aware and know what works for you.



The Tote: The French-Girl Staple

What It Means: This summer our Instagram feed was filled with this chic (and affordable) tote. If this style has been your go-to, you're not just on top of the trends, you're way ahead of them.



The Tote: The New Yorker Bag

What It Means: Nabbing a New Yorker bag requires a subscription to the magazine. If this is your bag of choice, we're betting you've got a thing for the written word.



The Tote: The Grocery Bag

What It Means: Whether your grocery bag of choice is paper, plastic or something reusable, traveling with a food-centric tote tells us all two things: first, that you're probably armed with good snacks (smart move, friend), and second, that you aren't afraid to get to work in the kitchen (boxed mac and cheese can count). 



The Tote: The Polished Bag

What It Means: For those of us constantly on the go, a fancy tote makes perfect sense for those work-to-drinks situations when you have to lug things around, but you want to look good doing it. 



The Tote: The Sporty Bag

What It Means: Outdoor Voices' signature tote has become a popular choice for throwing in the necessities when headed to Pilates, boxing or whatever your workout of choice may be. Being spotted with this tote over your shoulder spells it out: You've mastered athleisure.



The Tote: Cool and Creative

What It Means: Whether you've got a sketchbook tucked inside or not, this bag adds a bit of whimsy to even the simplest look. If you've got the option to show off the work of an artist you love, this is a handy way to do it.

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