How to Be the Best Dressed in Your Yoga Class

It takes one session of Vinyasa (fast-paced yoga) tangled up in your baggy joggers, or five minutes spent in a shoulder stand wrestling with an oversize tee, to realise that it’s time to invest in decent yoga staples.

We spoke to Nichi Green of The Yoga Space to get the low-down on the perfect yoga kit. "When people wear the right clothes to my classes they look much more comfortable and happy. Specially-designed yoga clothes won’t get in the way of the movements and fitted styles allow the instructor to check the student's alignment." No matter what type of yoga bunny you are, it's best to wear tight and fitted pieces that allow absolute physical freedom.

"As people get more confident with their bodies, their yoga kit tends to get more colourful and thoughtful,” Green told us. “Personally, I wear prints and colour to my sessions because it makes me feel full of energy." Reach for hues that pick up on the ones in your current wardrobe and look out for clever details; like textured side panels on tops, sporting lines down trousers and triple cross-back sports bras to add intricacy to your look. An awesome yoga mat will complete the look accordingly.

The threads below will inspire your class friends to post pics of you with the caption #yogainspiration, without even busting a move. Naturally. Scroll down to see your guide to becoming the best-dressed yogi!


"Look after your body or you'll have nowhere to live"—Eckhart Tolle. Post your favourite yoga-related quote in the comments below!