The Most Expensive-Looking Ways to Wear a Pair of White Jeans

After numerous seasons in style, white jeans are starting to shake off their negative connotations once and for all, but the universal question still looms over the clothing rail: How does one wear white jeans and look modern? Are light denim trousers totally unflattering for most body shapes? Can I wear the world's most high-maintenance colour with ease? (Lunch-date tip: Go for white wine.) Trainers or heels? Which colours are best to offset with crisp paperwhites for a future-proof finish? And finally, can you wear them in the colder months? Keep scrolling to decode these fashion questions and unlock five brilliant outfit ideas for wearing white jeans with zero-effort cool.

#1: The Work-Worthy Ensemble

Style Notes: Yes, white jeans can work for the office. Look for wide-leg trousers and an oversized jacket for a winning silhouette, then throw in a crossbody bag which shows you mean business. 

#2: The Laid-Back Look

Style Notes: Proving that white denim needn't be high-maintenance, Lotte Williams shows that anything goes. Printed shirts and coloured sneakers are a good place to start for laissez-faire weekend dressing.

#3: For a Date Night

Style Notes: Don't assume white jeans are for daywear only. You can sharpen up a pair of white faithfuls to serve you after dark with strappy sandals and a jewel-tone wrap top.

#4: With More Whites

Style Notes: Who's white's best friend? White! You can layer it on, and it'll never look bad. Take a leaf out of Liv Purvis's book and go head-to-toe white, adding some neutral accessories to top off your tonal attire. 

#5: In The Elements

Style Notes: White is notorious for going see-through when wet, so ensure you're equipped to deal with an unexpected downpour with a trusty trench or parka, just like Brittany Bathgate's. Make sure the denim is on the thicker side so, should you be caught without, you won't immediately flash those around you. 

Unsure which jean shape to go for? Don't worry, as we've found the best suit-all pairs.