How to Wear Leggings and Still Look Cool

There is an art form to pulling off leggings when you're not in a gym class. Just because Gigi Hadid does it with such great ease, doesn't mean she hasn't got a fashion formula behind her look! There are certainly key pieces that shouldn't be worn with leggings, from pencil skirts to shorts, but we'd rather fast forward what does work.

Think of this as your speedy go-to guide for four different key pieces or categories of style that you can confidently wear with your favourite pair of leggings, be it en route to spin or strolling through town with an endless to-do list on your mind.

Scroll down for your leggings 101, and shop our favourite picks throughout!

Lead Images: Style Du Monde / A Love Is Blind

How often do you wear leggings? Only to the gym or all the time? Comment below!