Leggings Are Still Relevant: Here Are 5 Chic Ways to Wear Them Now

Like Ugg boots and gilets, leggings have garnered a reputation for being all about comfort over style. Admittedly ideal attire for nursing a hangover/the aftermath of a pizza buffet or "I just rolled out of bed to pop to the shop for some milk" moments, chances are that you wouldn't want to encounter anyone you know while wearing a pair. Why? Because you only ever reach for the aforementioned UGGs and gilet when pulling a pair on? There are myriad ways to style leggings, thanks greatly to the athleisure trend and the vogue for mixing high-low pieces. (Disclaimer: We're not championing a bobbly, baggy-knee pair here, rather a well-made investment pair in jet black.) Chic leggings (yes, those two words can go together) could see you through a night out (see Rosie HW for tips) and also end up being your weekend saviour. Your leggings deserve a new lease on life, so here are five ways to make them work harder for your wardrobe.