Leggings Are Still Relevant: Here Are 5 Chic Ways to Wear Them Now

Like Ugg boots and gilets, leggings have garnered a reputation for being all about comfort over style. Admittedly ideal attire for nursing a hangover/the aftermath of a pizza buffet or "I just rolled out of bed to pop to the shop for some milk" moments, chances are that you wouldn't want to encounter anyone you know while wearing a pair. Why? Because you only ever reach for the aforementioned UGGs and gilet when pulling a pair on? There are myriad ways to style leggings, thanks greatly to the athleisure trend and the vogue for mixing high-low pieces. (Disclaimer: We're not championing a bobbly, baggy-knee pair here, rather a well-made investment pair in jet black.) Chic leggings (yes, those two words can go together) could see you through a night out (see Rosie HW for tips) and also end up being your weekend saviour. Your leggings deserve a new lease on life, so here are five ways to make them work harder for your wardrobe.

Paired with a tweed blazer for fashion week cool

We can always rely on Leandra Medine AKA The Man Repeller to give us good fashion inspo. Here she rocked the fashion week streets with a pair of split hem leggings, which she styled with a prim and proper tweed jacket and Adidas Original trainers. The ultimate high-low look.

What to wear with leggings: Leandra Medine wears Chanel jacket, Adidas trainers and black leggings


Getty Images

On Leandra: Chanel Tweed Jacket, Split Hem Leggings and Adidas Original Trainers (£70).

With a quirky tee and boots with attitude

Luxe leather leggings are what stylish women like actress Kate Bosworth choose to travel in. More form-fitting than leather trousers, her oversized portrait tee and knee-high boots give off more of a "rock star on tour" vibe than corporate passenger. Cool accessories top off her look—and she's having the last laugh in the comfort stakes.

What to wear with leggings: Kate Bosworth in leggings layered with a long motif T-shirt and over-the-knee boots


Getty Images

On Kate Bosworth: Supreme T-shirt; Jacque Marie Marge Aviator Sunglasses (£726); Ganni Nadine Boots (£595)

With chic high-low separates for brunch 

Model Gigi Hadid's gym-worthy leggings are the glue to her outfit here (note: She wore this to drop in at the members-only hangout Soho House). You clock the chunky knit, metallic sneaks and designer tote before anything, proving the brilliant versatility of workout wear.

With a blazer for nighttime glamour

Who'd have thought it—a blazer with leggings? Take a leaf out of Brit model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's book and pick a pair with slight sheen. Then throw on a mix of tailored separates for an effortless evening look. 

What to wear with leggings: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in black leggings with a blazer and ankle boots


Getty Images

On Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Saint Laurent Wool Blazer (£1710), New Wave 213 Lily Cat-Eye Sunglasses (£230) and Suede Ankle Boots (£685)

Layered under a maxi skirt for high-end style

At Copenhagen fashion week there were plenty of outfits to swoon over. One such look was Katarina Petrovic's unusual layered ensemble, which saw her throw a maxi skirt and oversized white shirt over a pair of black leggings. Sounds so wrong yet looks so right.

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