History Proves These 8 Things Always Work With a Red Dress

Over this past year, you've no doubt gathered a collection of flattering red dresses—they've not only been in fashion throughout 2017, but we've also discovered that a particular shade of primary red suits all skin tones and psychologically lift's one mood and appearance of power. There's nothing to not to love about the LRD. Only, with the advent of the festive party period, a sudden drop in temperatures and a calendar chock-full of dates to remember, there's suddenly a need to a) revisit this range of red dress and b) find something new to wear with them.

Here is where we step in to solve all your styling needs. Because the fashion crowds and the celebrities have been wearing these scarlet frocks on repeat, there's plenty of inspiration material to sift through, and the good news is that your LRDs—no matter their shade, silhouette, shape or print—go with a lot of accessories, coats and other colours out there. We could go so far as to say red is the new black or that it should be considered a neutral, but we won't, due to the fact that it's, erm, bright red. So keep reading to see how Olivia Palermo, Kate Bosworth, Kendall Jenner and a host of street style stars recommend you wear your red dress now.