Not All Items Go With a Midi Skirt, But I Think These 3 Outfits Always Work

Miniskirts may be making a bid for autumn's fashion spotlight, but it's highly unlikely we'll be ditching our trusty midis altogether. After all, they're infinitely easier to wear, and after years of being in favour, they've definitely made the switch from being an on-trend addition to a wardrobe staple.

But just it's earned staple status doesn't mean you can keep wearing it the exact same way you did seven years ago. Even the most relied-upon pillars of your closet can benefit from an outfit experiment now and then, so with autumn well under way, I thought it a good time to consider how to get some extra mileage out of your midis and feel entirely up-to-date.

One new formula has come directly from the catwalks: Burberry, Celine and other major names have fully supported the blazer + midi combination as a new everyday fallback. There's another pairing I know you'll have been doing already (so keep it up!) and one further idea that the Scandi girls are backing for when jumper season really starts to kick in.

Keep scrolling to see how to wear a midi skirt in the three most current ways, and then shop the looks for yourself.


Style Notes: Because of the simple silhouettes you can afford to be more daring with colour, print and texture.

Style Notes: This works just as well with pleated skirts as it does with A-line styles and slips.

Style Notes: Last autumn's checked blazers are definitely a great option.


Style Notes: You can still make this dressy for the evening with smart accessory choices.

Style Notes: Little details like a neck scarf can help add personality to this tried-and-true combination.

Style Notes: Add a leather jacket and trainers and you have the perfect weekend ensemble.


Style Notes: If you find that wearing a baggy jumper swamps you, you can always try French-tucking the front in.

Style Notes: If you like things to err on the side of kooky, mix it up a bit with a printed skirt and oversized hoodie.

Style Notes: Minimalists will embrace this trio with muted tones and simple lines. The results will always look elegant.

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