Here's How to Dress for a Winter Wedding and Not Get Frostbite

Winter nuptials pose many a problem for the wedding guest. Just what does one wear to a winter wedding? While the setting seems all kinds of romantic, with the thought of white swans and ice sculptures (obviously), you can hardly pull out your trusty wedding guest dress that you've worn for all those summer nuptials. No, a winter wedding is a different affair altogether.

But don't panic. Try one of our box-fresh ensembles that tread the line between not upstaging the bride and being striking enough so you unanimously win the votes for best-dressed guest. Not only that, but we've also compiled nine fail-safe rules for dressing for winter weddings. Even better is that you probably already own plenty of these pieces, so you don't need to go buy a whole new outfit. Keep scrolling for our nine rules for winter wedding outfits and to shop the key pieces you need.

#1: All-black outfits are acceptable

Winter wedding outfits: All black outfits are acceptable


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Style Notes: While all-black outfits look a little somber for a summer wedding, come the cooler months, it looks super chic for winter nuptials. Make it as fashion as possible by keeping it simple with great tailoring, lace, and elegant shoes.

#2: Long-sleeved dresses are your friend

Winter wedding outfits: Long-sleeved dresses are your friend


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Style Notes: Rejoice! You can wear that summer dress you bought again—so long as it's long-sleeved. If it's not too cold by this point, you might even be able to get away with not wearing a coat.

#3: A classic jumpsuit is an easy option

Winter wedding outfits: A classic jumpsuit


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Style Notes: A jumpsuit is such a great piece to have stashed in your wardrobe. Not only will it always look flattering, but it'll serve you for many events. 

#4: It's all in the details

Winter wedding outfits: It's all in the details



Style Notes: Worried that your winter coat will hide the stunning outfit you carefully selected? In that case, try an oversized blazer instead, and nail down your accessory game by wearing your favourite bag and sunnies.

#4: Velvet is a winner

Winter wedding outfits: Velvet is a winner


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Style Notes: A velvet dress, blazer, coat, or even a bag will give your winter wedding outfit some festive feels. 

#6: Go for closed-toe shoes

Winter wedding outfits: Always go for closed-toe shoes



Style Notes: Open-toe shoes are kind of asking for trouble when it gets cold. Closed-toe flats or heels are ideal. 

#7: Suits are chic

Style Notes: Avoid the corporate look by wearing a suit in a bold hue or metallic finish. For maximum impact, add a contrasting blouse underneath.

#8: Find a statement coat

Winter wedding outfits: Find a statement coat


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Style Notes: If you know you'll be wearing your outerwear all day, invest in a statement coat that'll mean you look good from a.m. to p.m. without freezing.

#9: A little bit of sequins go a long way

Winter wedding outfits: A little bit of sequin goes a long way


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Style Notes: Sequins don't have to make you recoil in horror. Pair a sparkly top with black trousers or a sequin skirt with a plain white tee plus pumps, and you'll be ready for a party.

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