What I Wear When I Don't Want to Get Dressed in the Morning

I know exactly how January goes: I spend a great deal of time rueing the day that my mum ever learnt to cook such bloody nice sausage rolls because following a few days at home, I'm now 94% pastry, 6% sausage meat. I plan and cancel spin classes due to an emotional oscillation between needing to get fit and being terrified of exercise.

And as a result, I end up not feeling my best and therefore using up an inordinate amount of time each day experimenting with wild new (probably hideous) outfit combinations that are then discarded. It's dark outside, and it's a bad, bad time for my bank account. January, I think we can all agree, sucks. 

So it's no wonder many of us have very little enthusiasm for getting dressed. But I'm not one to be scruffy… or give up that easily. So this year I've decided to plan in advance and prep all of the perfect lazy-meets-cosy ensembles that I can get away with in public.

Sure, they're not as comforting as a slanket, or as enjoyable as that octagonal box of Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisps, but they walk the line between relaxed and smart quite nicely. Keep scrolling to see what to wear when you don't even want to get dressed…

Monikh specialises in this kind of off-duty cool, so in addition to this simple jeans-jumper-trainers outfit, there are many more to find over on her Instagram.

So long as your sweatpants are in tip-top condition (keep 'em clean and looking pristine, folks), I think you can get away with wearing them to work (if you have a relaxed dress code). Add fancy sneakers, jewellery and a nice handbag for extra points.

Courtney's Olivia Von Halle pyjamas are perfect for partying, sleeping and heading to work in—for the daytime, I'd recommend trying them with trainers.

You can rewear that party skirt well into the New Year just by throwing on a slouchy jumper and using your fave ankle boots.

Ume's light jeans and chic cardigan are what you'd gravitate towards in warmer weather, but there's something very French about wearing white denim in the winter.

Nothing more comfortable or flattering than a loose-fitting, waist-tied jumpsuit. Trust us (and Isabella), this is a very good option.

Even if your outfit is ultra-basic underneath, a glam faux-fur coat and cat-eye sunglasses will forgive all fashion sins.

Matching knitwear in subtle, neutral shades never fails to look sophisticated. But it's also snuggly, so bonus points.

For those days where you really do have to smarten up your act, some tailored trousers and a plain black roll-neck will do nicely. Thanks for the reminder, Grece.

The most wonderful combination to wear all year round—a floaty midi dress and your trustiest of trusty ankle boots will always work hard for the money.

Knitted co-ords have become a popular fashion choice over the past few winters, giving you all of the comfort you'd want from a cold-weather look, only in a more elegant form than a tracksuit.