What to Wear to Yoga, According to an Expert on the Mat

What to wear to yoga is a pretty popular question both among beginner yogis and Google’s questioning public at large—and we completely understand why. Few other fitness classes require you move and bend in quite the same way, so you’ll need a kit that’s up to the challenge of keeping you cool, covered and comfortable through it all. Whether you’re in Downward-Facing Dog or Warrior I, you’ll need leggings that’ll stay opaque, tops that won’t fall in your face, and clothes that won’t restrict any of your movements. So, since the checklist is somewhat specific, we decided to check in with a true yogi pro on building your basic yoga kit. Keep scrolling for expert tips from Mind Body Bowl’s brilliant Annie Clarke.

Yoga Outfit Essentials

According to Annie, there are two crucial parts to any good yoga outfit: the right leggings and a sports bra that won’t let you down. “I love to feel really free when I’m practicing, and Lululemon’s Align Pant leggings are my favourites right now. They are so soft and really sweat-wicking. You hardly notice that you’re wearing them,” she tells us.

But what of the ultimate yoga bra? “A good bra is key. You don’t need as much support as in a regular fitness class or a run, but coverage does keep your practice fuss-free. The Free to Be Serene Bra (Lululemon again!) gives enough coverage to keep you comfortable, with a strappy back which looks great on its own or layered under a simple tank.”

Keep scrolling to shop our pick of the best yoga clothes out there right now.

Annie’s favourite yoga bra will keep you covered—both physically and sartorially speaking.

If you’re bustier and need a little more support, try this comfy option from Sweat Betty.

Leggings that won’t go sheer once you’re in Downward-Facing Dog are a must.

Our trick for designer activewear? Head to The Outnet, where there are excellent pieces discounted.

If you’re not a legging lover, try these super-soft yoga pants.

For hot yoga, a pair of fitted shorts might be your best bet.

Fitted vests are the best option up top as they won’t fall down into your face once you’re inverted.

If you prefer a crop top or like to layer, try a wrap style like this that’ll stay put even when you’re upside down.

There’s no chance of tops slipping anywhere if you go for a full onesie. Just make sure there’s plenty of stretch so you can move freely.

A soft sweatshirt is great for pulling on and off during warm-ups or cooldowns.

Go for a fitted long-sleeve top with added stretch if you want to keep it on throughout your practice. 

Opening Images: freepeople.com, @mind_body_bowl

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