How to Look Put Together and Polished in a Casual Office

While meeting a good friend for coffee one weekday morning, I was suddenly (and noticeably) taken aback by her choice in casual work attire—think: college sweatshirt, jeggings, and T-strap Birkenstocks. She then explained to me that at her office (a predominately male tech startup consisting of only about 10 employees), the dress code was pretty much “no dress code.” While some people might thrill at the idea of being able to wear whatever they want to work, my friend shared her frustration. After all, there’s something to be said for how looking put-together can positively affect your attitude and mindset. For my friend, the tricky part has been figuring out how to strike a balance between looking polished and stylish, while still maintaining that casual, not “trying too hard” vibe. So today’s story is for anyone in the same boat.

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