I'm Already Planning My Autumn Wedding-Guest Outfits

Like a family member who sends you a Christmas spreadsheet in October, I'm that person who plans what I'm wearing for a September wedding when it's only just July. Hear me out… Like me, you've probably got so many weddings from May through August that by the time autumn kicks in, you've exhausted your summer dress inventory and are suddenly aware that it's much chillier than it was mid-July. As a sad result, now you have nothing to wear. See what I mean about planning ahead?

This problem can be easily rectified thanks to the many brilliantly dressed influencers who know just how to adapt their wardrobe for an autumn wedding. Whether deciding on what sort of colour palette to go for or picking the sort of material you can get away with now it's cooler, there are seven handy tips that you can apply to your outfit selection.

Keep scrolling for the rules on what to wear to an autumn wedding.

#1: Darker colours are now more acceptable

#2: Wintry fabrics are winners

Try a black cami with this.

#3: Recycle summer dresses (borrow your other half's jacket when chilly)

#4: If not, pack a cardi

Lucy Williams has this, and it looks utterly gorgeous on.

#5: Keep necks high but shoulders exposed

#6: Blazers and trousers are ideal

#7: Never forget the jumpsuit

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