What Fashion Girls Wear to Weddings Abroad

We all know that dressing for a wedding is something that requires a great deal of thought. Firstly, you don’t want to look as if you’re imitating the bridal party by accidentally choosing a hue close to that of the bridesmaids’ dresses. Then, of course, there’s always the risk that both you and a fellow guest will opt for the same attire, which is why we always recommend buying your wedding-guest outfit well ahead of time.

One of the most daunting to dress for, however, is the abroad wedding. When you’re used to the weather on home soil, choosing your look for overseas nuptials—particularly those with warmer climes—tends to leave us Brits in a bit of a sartorial tizzy. While most would usually opt for thicker fabrics like heavy lace and satin, weddings abroad present you with the opportunity to wear lightweight garments and generally allow for more skin to be on show (though, not so much to draw attention away from the bride). 

To help us navigate the tricky styling waters, we’ve consulted the wardrobes of five of our favourite influencers to see what they wore for weddings of friends and family abroad. And what we found is sure to please anyone who relishes in making a style statement. From Lucy Williams’s cool take on tailoring to Florrie Thomas’s gorgeous colour clash, keep scrolling to see what to wear to a wedding abroad.

Style Notes: Lucy Williams never fails to look effortlessly cool, and this outfit is no exception. Her elegant blouse gives her printed trousers a sophisticated air, striking the perfect balance for a relaxed beach or garden ceremony.

What to Wear to a Wedding Abroad: Florrie Thomas in a printed red dress



Style Notes: Red has long been considered a colour too risqué for weddings, as it tends to command the attention that should be given to the bride. However, for weddings abroad, it looks the exotic part—particularly when the print features another clashing colour like Florrie Thomas’s midi.

What to Wear to a Wedding Abroad: Anna Vitiello in a monochrome printed jumpsuit

Style Notes: Jumpsuits have gradually become more and more popular on the wedding guest scene, and Anna Vitiello’s relaxed styling of her monochrome all-in-one loans itself perfectly to far-flung nuptials. Just add a neck-tie and flat mules for a continental take.

What to Wear to a Wedding Abroad: Callie Thorpe in an embroidered mini dress



Style Notes: If, on the big day, temperatures are set to soar, don’t smother yourself in long hemlines. Instead, make like Callie Thorpe and have a beautifully embroidered minidress to hand. Then finish with a beaded bag and gold hoop earrings for cool-girl kudos.

What to Wear to a Wedding Abroad: Monikh Dale in a pale pink trouser co-ord



Style Notes: Monikh Dale is a master when it comes to styling her separates, and the fact she managed to wear a bralette to a wedding and still look classy isn’t lost on us. If the ceremony is looking to be more formal, we suggest pairing some high-waisted trousers with a crop top with long sleeves for extra coverage.

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