Everything I Know About Putting Together the Ultimate House Party Outfit

House parties go with New Year's Eve like sausages go with bacon: They're an inevitability of the festive season. The only problem, however, with this type of do is that you can spend hours agonising over what to wear. But there's good news when it comes to the house party–there are no rules on how to dress for such an event. This is mainly because the practical factor has been taken out of the equation. You needn't worry about sensible footwear or clothing, all you need to do is to make sure you look as fabulous or as comfortable as possible. If you want to wear sparkly boots, that's totally fine. But then again, if you're just as happy in jeans, then that's fine too.

If you're still stuck on what to wear, we've got seven rules to follow, as well as outfit ideas to nab, from some of our favourite influencers. Keep scrolling on how to dress for a house party and feel incredible.

#1: Wear impractical heels

What to Wear to a House Party


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Style Notes: One of the greatest things about a house party is that you don't have to consider footwear, especially if you're getting a taxi. Instead of pulling on your trusty ankle boots that might not make you feel super special on NYE, get out those strappy sandals or tricky to stay on mules that you've been desperate to wear.

#2: Try out trends you're unsure of

What to Wear to a House Party



Style Notes: Not everyone feels comfortable trying out new trends for the first time, but one of the best places to do that is at a house party. Here's why: You can go for trousers that are potentially controversial and then take a seat or hide behind a plant if you don't want to feel too conspicuous.

#3: Opt for summer dresses

Style Notes The beauty of going to a cosy, warm house during the winter period is that you can wear a summer dress and no one will bat an eyelid. Add a pair of statement heels and glitzy earrings to make them NYE ready. Tip: Make sure you have a decent winter coat to keep you warm as you travel to your destination.

#4: Go completely casual

What to Wear to a House Party



Style Notes: Who says you have to go all-out for a house party? Another reason these festive dos are so great is that you can go totally casual and it's totally acceptable. A blazer is the perfect smart/ casual look that just works with literally any outfit. 

#5: Put on your favourite pair of jeans

What to Wear to a House Party



Style Notes: So what if everyone is wearing a party dress? You can still wear a chic pair of jeans and your favourite pair of heels and feel and look amazing.

#6: Pyjamas are acceptable 

What to Wear to a House Party



Style Notes: PJs are no longer restricted to the bedroom, and where else is more appropriate to wear them than at a house party?

#7: Looking super fancy is totally cool 

Style Notes: Not into the casual thing? Then fear not, as a house party is exactly when you can go all-out. If you're hosting, then even better, as it's the perfect opportunity to make a statement with a show-stopping dress and a pair of embellished shoes.

Want more ideas? These are the best flat party shoes that'll make you want to ditch heels. 

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