What to Wear to the Many Hen Dos You Probably Have to Attend This Summer

What do you wear to a hen do? The fact is that there's not one simple sartorial solution. Every hen do comes with a myriad of scheduled activities, and each one lasts an entire day (if not a weekend)—that means your outfit really needs to work hard to not only last from pancakes at breakfast to partying at night, but also be practical and comfortable enough to wear for a 12-hour period. Minimum.

And the fact is that if it's your best friend's wedding, the likelihood is that you've organised the hen do for all 20 of her closest mates; such is the logistical nightmare of the whole thing that you've probably barely had time think about what to pack. Wedding and hen-party season is upon us, so we rounded up the best and most practical outfits for any type of pre-wedding bash.

Now all you need to do is save up all that dosh…