5 Grown-Up Outfits to Wear to a House Party

I don't know about you, but after a long 12 months of varying levels of lockdown, I'm loving the fact that we can finally see friends indoors, whether it's a chilled cup of tea with your BFF or a dressy dinner party. I'm also craving a good ole house party, especially with the loosening of restrictions on the horizon, but I'd prefer something a little more low-key than the sweat-and-booze fests of our teen years (but, you know, each to their own).

The question on my mind is, What do I wear to a house party as an adult? While there is no hard and fast rule in this department, I have been thinking hard about what I, personally, would like to wear for such an occasion. In my mind, I want to be polished but not overly fancy, comfortable yet stylishly elevated, which is easier said than done. So I scrolled through the feeds of my favourite influencers to find five outfit pairings to inspire my party looks this season. 

We're talking feather-trimmed blazers and black jeans, party tops aplenty, cut-out dresses and a pair of jazzy trousers for good measure. If you're in need of a little inspo in the house-party-outfit department this year, scroll down to see and shop the looks that I'm loving right now. 

Elevated Blazer + Black Jeans



Colour-Pop Slip Dress + Sunnies



Party Top + Wide-Leg Jeans



Printed Maxi + Chunky Sandals



Tailored Jacket + Jazzy Trousers


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