Don't Worry—I've Found Your Office Christmas Party Outfit for You

Reminder: Your company Christmas party is just around the corner. So what are you planning on wearing? Don't panic—we're here to help you tackle the issue head-on.

Whether you work in a straightlaced environment or in a trendy (likely loft-based) office, your attire needs to echo that of the company whilst still looking chic. In these instances, it's important to dress in a way that makes the right impression on colleagues you may not deal with day-to-day. That said, it's one of the few occasions you can really inject your personality into your work attire, and when you love clothes like we do, that's not an opportunity you want to let pass you by.

To help you navigate the sartorial waters, we've decoded exactly what to wear to your company Christmas party, depending on your kind of workplace. From gorgeous dresses to chic suiting, keep scrolling to shop the looks guaranteed to have people talking around the coffee machine the morning after (for all the right reasons, of course).

Still in need of styling inspiration? Why not try one of these seven foolproof Christmas party looks?