How to Dress for a Beach Wedding and Not Look Inappropriate

Finding the perfect wedding guest outfit can be difficult enough, but if the destination is on a beach where there are many elements at play, then it's a whole different challenge. A beach wedding tends to have a more casual and playful dress code simply because gowns and stilettos just don't mix with sand. It's an occasion to experiment with joyous colours, bold prints and fun accessories. Best of all, beach weddings tend to be the most comfortable because you can wear flats and breezy silhouettes. Keep scrolling for our guide on how to dress for a beach wedding.

1. Wear a Colour That Makes You Happy

Style Notes: The beauty of a beach wedding is that you can pretty much go in any bold colour you want. Do still steer clear of white, however—it is still a wedding. We find that the brighter the colours, the better.

2. Wear Sensible (But Elegant) Flat Sandals

What to wear to a beach wedding: Emili Sindlev in Hermes sandals



Style Notes: Don't even think about wearing heels to a beach wedding. That said, don't wear scruffy flip flops either. The best option is a pair of elegant tan leather slides, as they will go with any dress.

3. Have Fun wITH Shell Jewellery (You Are On the Beach, After All)

Style Notes: Play up to the setting by having fun with this season's shell-jewellery trend.

4. Make Your Sun Hat Part of Your Look

Style Notes: If the ceremony is taking place in a hot climate, it's a wise idea to take a sun hat. This isn't just a practical accessory, as it can make any outfit look 10 times more glamorous.

5. Go Short So You Won't Worry About Sand

Style Notes: If you're the type of person who always spills things on their dresses, then avoid maxi hemlines and go for a short flirty dress that will be well clear of any sand or waves.

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