11 Long-Haul Flights Later, and We've Worked Out the Perfect Travelling Outfit

When it comes to airport style, we'd traditionally have looked to the A-list for inspiration. However, with exclusive lounges and private jets at their disposal, it's not always an accurate representation of which outfits truly work when you're midair. Nowadays, we look to Instagram's travel set to inform our mile-high wares, and two girls who know good aeroplane outfits are Jordan and Loanne of @collyertwins.

What to Wear on a Long-Haul Flight: The Collyer twins share their in-flight secrets



With 11 countries under their belt this year alone, we couldn't think of a better duo to talk in-flight fashion with. From comfortable strides to the ingenious dressing hacks the girls use to stay cosy and look chic, keep scrolling to discover the pieces Jordan and Loanne swear by for flying.


"We never get on a plane without a cashmere jumper. The high wool content keeps us toasty but doesn't make us overheat either. Perfect for notoriously chilly nighttime flights."


"If you're anything like us, you'll be rushing around picking up last-minute items in the airport before boarding. Then, when you finally arrive, you're so impatient to get to your destination that you practically run through the airport. This is exactly why trainers are our flying footwear go-to. Look for chunky styles to disguise unsightly but very necessary flight socks."


"Jeans are a definite no-go on any flight, which makes for the perfect excuse to wear joggers. We love side-stripe styles as they look more fashionable than other options."


"One of the best things about flying long-haul is the snacks. One of the worst is potentially spilling your food down yourself and having to sit there for hours on end until you can change, which is why we always wear printed tops. They help disguise any turbulence-induced spills."


"Bucket bags are great as they're roomy enough to hold all of your in-flight essentials, cinch closed to ensure nothing falls out and don't take up much leg room. Bonus."


"Dresses on a long flight might not seem practical, but there's no denying how comfy they are in super-soft jersey. A wrap style is perfect for layering over a top to keep you warm. It's great because you can loosen it off once the snack trolley comes round for the third time."

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