An Editor's Guide to What to Wear on a First Date

There's one big question that every woman struggles with at some point in her life: What is the best thing to wear on a first date? Should you go classic and just stick with a little black dress? Perhaps it's more of a bold frock here's who I really am type of situation. Maybe, just maybe, you don't want to wear a dress at all and would be much more comfortable wearing a pair of jeans. However you feel about the other elements surrounding a first date (will your date be shorter than promised?), it's inevitable that you will stress out about what to wear.

But worry not—we've rounded up a few outfit ideas that will work for every kind of girl and every kind of date. There's just one rule we stick to: Make sure you feel good—and really comfortable—in what you wear. Whether that equals a comfy dress that you can wear your battered Converse with, or more girlish skirts that show off a little leg, there's plenty to chose from for that all-important first date. Click through our gallery for seven outfits that nail what to wear on a first date. Plus, you can shop the looks right now.