The 9 Perfect Outfits to Wear in November

Pulling a look together now that the cold snap has hit can be a bit of a juggling act. Keeping warm whilst enduring a frosty commute, an air-conditioned office, a quick run on the treadmill, and dinner with friends (not to mention whatever else the day might throw at you) all while looking stylish is no mean feat.

Clever layering with this season's key pieces is the answer you've been looking for. Don't let it scare you—we know it gets bandied about an awful lot this time of year with little explanation about what you're actually meant to wear. This year, it's all about '70s cord suits, burnt orange hues, slip skirts and plenty of cosy knits. Still in need of a little inspiration? See how these nine savvy street style ladies dress for all November occasions. Keep scrolling to see and shop the staple pieces that will see you through the season.