11 Things We're All Going to Be Wearing This May

The scent of freshly cut grass lingers in the air wherever you go, which means one thing: Springtime is most definitely here. With the worst of the cold temperatures soon to be a distant memory, it’s finally time for a wardrobe switch up. Those cashmere sweaters (complete with mothballs) and winter coats you’ve been hanging on to for the past few months can now be stored at the back of your wardrobe in favour of lighter layers. Have a little fun with chucking on some colour too. After all, what’s good weather if you can’t match it to your mood?

To help ease ourselves into the new season, we’ve taken cues from a few stylish ladies who, together, have already found all of the pieces we’ll be wearing for the foreseeable. Keep scrolling to discover what to wear in May.

1. Gingham Blazer
What to Wear in May: Lotte in a gingham blazer



Style Notes: Your winter coat has likely had a really long run this season. But it’s time to get it dry-cleaned and store it out of sight, as lighter jackets can come into play. Our favourite? A classic blazer that’s been reworked in gingham.

2. Retro Jumpsuit
What to Wear in May: Karina in a retro-style jumpsuit



Style Notes: Jumpsuits are a midseason saviour, especially when a dress just feels too fussy. Make like Karina and mix a retro-style jumpsuit with white accessories for a dressed-up look.

3. Floral Blouse
What to Wear in May: Jeanne in a floral blouse



Style Notes: Florals are as quintessential as Pimm’s at this time of year. Look for ’60s-esque prints like Jeanne’s Rouje offering for a fresh take on the timeless trend.

4. Silk Headscarf
What to Wear in May: Maria in a head scarf



Style Notes: Silk scarves have been worn in bows around ponytails steadily for the last twelve months, though for 2019 we’re predicting they’ll make a comeback worn as square headscarves.

5. Animal-Print Dress
What to Wear in May: Lauren in an animal print dress



Style Notes: Leopard print dresses were all the rage last season, so, for a May upgrade, look to other motifs to stand out from the fash pack. Tiger is an excellent option, as is zebra.

6. Srappy Mules
What to Wear in May: Lotta in.a pair of strappy mules



Style Notes: If you’ve already invested in a pair of mules, you’ll be pleased to hear they’re in it for the long haul. Prada has given them an overhaul with a pair of strappy-toed sandals.

7. Fine-Knit Cardigan
What to Wear in May: Jessie in a fine-knit cardigan



Style Notes: Nothing says spring quite like a fine-knit. We love cardigans worn as tops, which are proving to be a firm fixture on the street style scene.

8. Luxe Loungers
What to Wear in May: Monikh in a pair of pale-blue lounge trousers



Style Notes: Whether you’re gearing up for a long-haul flight or are heading to brunch with your best girls, you no longer need to hide under layers of heavy denim to keep yourself cosy. Instead, try a pair of luxed-up track trousers.

9. Bucket Hat
What to Wear in May: Ellie wears a bucket hat



Style Notes: There’s no getting away from it: bucket hats are back in a big way this summer, so we suggest biting the bullet and investing in a style in a gorgeous hue.

10. Polka-Dot Skirt
What to Wear in May: AnneLaure in a polka-dot skirt



Style Notes: Polka dots are a huge part of the summer style agenda. Why not tick off two trends in one by incorporating a neon hue?

11. Barrel Bag
What to Wear in May: Nicole carries a barrel bag



Style Notes: John Lewis’ barrel bag has been on the arm of so many influencers lately. Roomy and chic in equal measure, it’s little wonder that Nicole also fell for this lemon iteration’s charms. If you’d prefer something even more standout, look no further than this electric blue hue.

This post was published at an earlier time and has since been updated.

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