Dating Profile Success Means Avoiding These Colour Outfits, Apparently

Ah, dating. It's a funny old world. Back in the '90s, it meant ringing each other's house phones (only your cool best mate had a mobile) to organise a meetup in your local pub, complete with a pint of snakebite and a packet of Scampi fries. Now, it's all about finding each other on a smartphone app and then deciding which pop-up taco joint you're going to sip overpriced margaritas in. But while the awkwardness of first dates never goes away (we hate to break it to you), it's getting harder to make an impression, thanks to the sheer volume of people using apps.

According to research from 2016, a quarter of the UK uses dating apps (yes, some of those people are already in relationships). With the likes of Tinder, Bumble, and Happn using photos as the first thing you see in a prospective date, you can see why we think it's getting harder to stand out.

So if you're currently dating and using an app, what should you do? Tinder, which has amassed 25 million users since its launch, gave us an interesting insight into how to make your profile more interesting, and it has everything to do with fashion. Want to know what it was?

Keep scrolling for that, plus other tips on what to wear.

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