Trust Me—These Are the Easiest Outfits to Wear in April

Famously, April can't seem to make up its mind when it comes to weather. Sometimes it's raining, then it's glorious sunshine. Then, even more confusingly, it might be snowing. However, this year is even weirder, as we'll most likely not be spending that much time outside, so in many ways, it doesn't matter what we wear. All I know is that what I want to put on needs to make me feel happy and it needs to be easy to put together. To find outfits that fit that bill, I turned to some of my favourite people on Instagram.

Whether it's a co-ord tracksuit that looks remarkably smart (it's all about the colours and the fit), a summer dress layered over a T-shirt or just a simple top and jeans, I've found some of the easiest outfits that will make you feel great—even if you're just working from home on your sofa. So keep scrolling for a bit of fashion distraction and get some outfit inspiration.

what to wear in april 2020: heartzeena



Style Notes: Already bought a strappy summer dress but not ready to wear it? Layer a white T-shirt underneath. 

Style Notes: An all-pink outfit can't fail to make anyone smile. 

Style Notes: A classic white-shirt–and–blue-jeans situation is sometimes all you need to feel polished when hanging out at home. 

what to wear in april 2020: ada oguntodu



Style Notes: Logo tees, boots and turn-up jeans always look great too. 

Style Notes: Want to know how to make a tracksuit look polished? Opt for a matching top and bottom in pastel colours. 

what to wear in april 2020: emma hill



Style Notes: Mismatched knit joggers and a cardigan gives a sort of art teacher-chic vibe to an outfit. 

what to wear in april 2020: nnennachem



Style Notes: Want to be super jazzy? Pick out a pair of printed trousers and your favourite brightly coloured shirt. 

Next up, the biggest spring/summer 2020 fashion trends you need to know. 

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